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How Did It All Begin?

For as long as I can remember, I've been extremely passionate about bass fishing. I was introduced by my great uncle at a very early age and the spark generated by catching my first Largemouth on an artificial lure set off a life long quest to refine this art form. Growing up in Short Hills, NJ, I would be firmly rooted at the two local adjacent fishing holes, North Pond and South Pond, for hours on end during any downtime I had. Even back then, I was interested in learning and implementing different techniques and fascinated by the latest gear. I would pore over every new issue of Cabela's that arrived in the mail and spend a considerable amount of time combing through the fishing section of Sports Authority. It wasn't until my senior year of high school that my life would be forever altered. 


PB LMB: 23 inches, 7lbs flat circa 2000/2001

I remember catching my PB bass like it was yesterday. I was with my friend J, fishing at a lake in nearby Mendham, NJ when I hooked into what I instantly knew was something completely different than anything I'd ever felt. I had tossed a purple and black Culprit worm next to some floating cover and felt a subtle tick. I nonchalantly set the hook and my rod doubled over. When I saw the fish surface, I couldn't believe my eyes. By the grace of a higher power, I managed to land the fish which turned out to be a gargantuan Largemouth weighing in at 7lbs flat. (This fish is still my current PB). I simply did not know a fish of this caliber was possible to catch. This experience set off a bevy of internal questions: Why did I catch this fish? How do I repeat the process? Is there a way to specifically target fish like this?

Well, I'm still attempting to answer those questions to this day, but my process is dialed in and I have more knowledge to draw from based on serious time on the water. I feel that over the last couple years I've really made some breakthroughs on how to seek out giant Largemouth Bass in the northeast; more specifically, my home state of NJ. I've very thankfully managed to catch of plethora of large bass in the 5 to high 6 lb. weight class, which is no small feat in the Northeast. I primarily fish with Big Baits but I still incorporate selective Conventional Tactics to target big fish. I am constantly researching and field testing new techniques to help upsize my catches. Big Fish Synergy is my way to give back to the fishing community. I will attempt to provide everything I've learned in order to provide inspiration to those on a similar journey. Fishing in New Jersey is not easy. It's the most densely populated state with limited fisheries and a superfluous amount of anglers (both novice and advanced and everything in between. There's a good chance that most Largemouth have seen 90% of lures in existence. However, with the right mentality, tactics, equipment and baits, success can still be achieved. Big Fish Synergy will hopefully help hone certain aspects of the game and provide insight to progress and ultimately become a better angler. 

Areas of Focus

  • Gear

  • Baits

  • Technique

  • Strategy

  • Mentality

  • More

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